Friday, March 16, 2012

Weight loss advice!

If you go to the health experts for the advice so that they can advice you to leave the fast food take the healthy diet which includes fruits and green vegetables, also take salad in your meal. And yes it will work also but it is not very easy because we have to face your daily routine works like go to office, drop your kid to school etc. you don’t have to change your office time or kids school timing. But if you really want to lose your weight and you are ready to do anything for that so just change the little things in your daily routine. Like start jogging, exercises walk in the early morning. Stop eating fast food? No, I don’t advice you to do that because it is not valid. You are a working men and fast food are the part of working men or women. But I suggest you to cut off the amount which you are taking or replace the fast food to healthy food which is possible like if you are taking three burgers in a day. So try to take one and take the fruit salad in the replacement of the burgers. It would mange your diet and help to losing your weight.

Have a healthy lifestyle!!! 


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  2. Thanks for sharing the effective tips on burning the calories.

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